My Niece’s Messed up Life

It is a sad time for our family. My niece has been in such a bad relationship for the seven years. The man she has been with has had such a bad temper and doing drugs, alchohol and beats her up any time she has any contact with her family. She has three kids of which we have had limited contact over the years. On January 4th she was severely beaten and seven months pregnant and had her daughter Amber in her arms.Then he threw her out. She went to the neighbors to hide. He called the cops looking for her and told them she was missing. He was arrested for aggravated assault, enhanced weapon charge, methamphetamine drug charge. She has since moved in with his folks with the kids and now they are trying to get guardianship of the kids.It is a bunch of crap that she has been through with his family and him. It seems to me that they are threatening her with the kids and her life! that she will not talk to us and it is frustrating. I hope she knows that understands that we love her with all hearts and she and her girls are in our prayers.

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